What is a Spiritual Gadabout?



From Webster’s dictionary…

  • gad·a·bout:  One who roams or roves about, as in search of amusement or social activity.
  • gadabout [ˈgædəˌbaʊt]: n Informal a person who restlessly seeks amusement
  • Examples of GADABOUT: She was a thoughtful gadabout, always picking up souvenirs for her friends from wherever her travels took her.

From Kate’s perspective…

  • She is a spiritual gadabout, open to ideas and perspectives that don’t always mirror her own.
  • As a spiritual gadabout she found that all paths can lead to peace.
  • Like a gadabout, she moved through life like a meditation, finding herself away in thought and bringing herself back to the present moment.



2 Responses to What is a Spiritual Gadabout?

  1. Marcia says:

    So glad you’re doing this Kate, and we get to follow along on your journey…and I still think
    “Freeman” is a great last name for a spiritual gadabout!

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