Bird Contemplations 17

[At the beginning of my sabbatical I planned to write once a week. But I have found that in the past several weeks…maybe a month or two…I just wanted to sit with my own thoughts…observe them…feel them…reflect. As we sit on the verge of another devastating hurricane hitting the U.S., the possibility of nuclear war with North Korea, and a very divided nation, I thought I would share my evening thoughts…]

IMG_7441Heavy contemplations on a rainy night…
I was raised by parents who sacrificed their own family to care for the children of others. That’s the number one value by which I was raised…
You see, my Mom and Dad had their imperfections but they never tried to prove their Christianity with talk. They didn’t tell people what good Christians they were. They didn’t need to. Because they lived in the world as compassionate, loving, and caring people. Kinda like Jesus (as my parents believed) told them to do.
And that is why it is so very difficult for me to comprehend people who want to throw the Dreamers out of the country, in the name of God and family.
Children who (the majority) grew up to be positive contributors to the U.S. economy and way of life.
I don’t know anyone at all who doesn’t have a job because a dreamer took it away from them. I don’t know any parent who wouldn’t leave their home country and give up everything to give their children a chance at a better life.
How can those loving parents not understand what the parents and Dreamer children are going through? How can they have no compassion? During a hurricane (and we haven’t seen the worst of it) when a hand reaches out to help, will those people ask if the hand is legally documented, Christian, or some other separator? Based on what I’ve seen reported from Houston, the answer is, “No.”
And if that is not enough, how do Americans who support the end of DACA justify it economically when the numbers prove just how much the Dreamers contribute financially?
Sometimes I struggle with questions. Not because I have no answers but because the questions are so foreign to my concept of humanity. And if that makes me a libtard or snowflake or some lost heathen soul, I guess I’m okay with that. I can live with it. There are those who preach the gospels with actions directed only toward what they judge to be good, right, and fair. I think I will take my parent’s approach and quiet my words with the effort of compassionate, loving, kind, and responsible action.
I know there are some who will read this and disagree, maybe get mad, or offended. That’s not my intent at all. The new American culture is to “say it like it is” and “say what we really think.” I still believe in kind speech and don’t agree with those who believe kind speech is only unnecessary politically correct speech. We’ve got to communicate which means we’ve got to listen. I’m happy to listen to those with a different point of view. I actually welcome the dialog.
With metta.
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2 Responses to Bird Contemplations 17

  1. Kelly Lockamy says:

    Well said my friend!! >

  2. says:

    Glad to see you are doing ok. Of course we differ in our beliefs…but that is ok. That’s what makes America great and quite different from other countries. Barbara

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