Bird Contemplations 14



Surrender arises like the moon on the horizon

allowing relief to reflect upon the earth

just in time to receive clarity in the warmth of sun’s rays.

Anger finds its voice.

Sadness dries its tears.

Personality meets inner being.

Sanity returns, giving way to peace and contentment.


No pleasant.

No unpleasant.

Only neutral.


At least for the moment; until she rises again.


Perhaps stronger.

Or maybe weaker.

Maybe slower…or faster…


Never the same…always impermanent.

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4 Responses to Bird Contemplations 14

  1. kate, you are a poet… xoxo

  2. Kelly Lockamy says:

    How beautiful, and so true. Each moment in my life lately has been requiring a new surrendering to what is. I’ve never been in such chaos, and never felt such surrender and contentment. For now…!

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