Bird Contemplations 10

IMG_6946 I don’t like to imply that any day is particularly better or worse than another. Yet my experience is that days like this are glorious!

It’s raining. And it’s been raining most of the day. Distant thunder travels through the air. It’s what I consider a spring rain; slow and steady with the air chilly and damp. It’s a day for tea and books and quiet contemplation. No other sounds required or desired. No TV. No Radio or iTunes. I don’t even want to hear the sound of my own voice with Paz or Buddha Baby.

I remember another day like this – almost 20 years ago. It was the same kind of weather. I worked in a cubicle farm and lived only a mile or so from the office. I was standing at the window, dreamily contemplating what I would be doing if I were at home when my boss came over and said something like, “Always on days like this Sharon, you stand morosely by the window.”

She didn’t mean it in a negative way. Nothing like, “Quit wasting time looking out the window.” And I wondered if my face gave her the impression that my thoughts were morose. Maybe they were as I remember part of my job at the time was something to do with Y2K and the truth was, that was the part of my job I liked least. I dreamed of being retired…being at home…reading books and sipping tea… I sometimes wonder if my mindfulness practice had been stronger throughout my career, would I have enjoyed my work more? Or was it a lifetime of wanting something different that makes my current life so much sweeter and so much easier to experience moment to moment. It’s not a question for answers…just another observation to contemplate desire, clinging, attachment, aversion, and delusion.

Today I’m preparing for a talk I’m giving Thursday evening, “Compassion in Troubled Times.” I’ve pulled out the appropriate books, contemplated my own personal experiences with the topic, and meditated. It’s an excellent way to spend this glorious day. And I am so incredibly grateful…not at all morose.

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