Bird Contemplations 4

eyes I SEE YOU! Oh happy day! I am sitting at my laptop typing and I am not wearing glasses. This is huge for me! I started wearing reading glasses in my thirties. In my forties I moved to progressive, full time glasses and never minded wearing an accessory (I’ve had some cool (and not so cool) glasses!) but just dealing with a required accessory could be a pain in the a$$. Once in Costa Rica I left my glasses on a rock where I had been sitting and by the time I went back for them, they were ruined. I had no backups for the rest of the trip or to get me home. More importantly, to see my face unencumbered and clearly was something I haven’t experienced in over 20 years. The first time I looked in the mirror with contacts on my eyes my heart swelled with emotion – in a good way – to see my almost 60 year old face and realize that for several years now, I have not wanted to be seen.

I could call this week’s (actually this is for last week) blog, Goat Contemplations…I spent the weekend at Bend of Ivy on a Winter Wellness Detox Retreat. BOI is one of my favorite retreat centers here in WNC. napoleon And one reason for that is the goat herd. This big guy is Napoleon. I scheduled myself for the retreat so I could take some time at the end of January for reflection and course correction. I’ve enjoyed my first month of sabbatical and there were things that worked really well and others that I can do differently in February. I was scheduled to give a dharma talk the night before the Inauguration so I made a point of allowing myself to watch the news and experience the myriad of emotions that I know my sangha is also experiencing. It was a great exercise for me…it’s not easy…I’m still triggered…but I’m also moving through the emotions rather than getting stuck. I want to know what’s going on and I’m finding that acceptance of the way things are actually helps me engage with those who disagree with me and allows me to hear what’s going on without feeling like the world is coming to an end or the sky is falling. Never have I been so grateful for mindfulness practice and meditation!

Much of the weekend was a reminder for me…how bad sugar is for our bodies and how important color is in my diet. But I also learned some new things and this morning I’m drinking an oat straw infusion. It’s not bad tasting…like an herbal tea, and has important vitamins and it calms the nervous system. I’m drinking lemon water in the morning again for its ph and cleansing value. basketofgreensWe had a cooking class and I picked up a few tips. And a friend is coming over this afternoon for a walk in the woods. All in all the weekend was exactly what I needed and other than preparing taxes and finally getting my laptop/website together, February should be much more contemplative. I’m ready for solitude again and once my contacts are adjusted I will finally get to read a book again!

On the way home I stopped to visit a friend and meet her new puppy, Evie. Evie is part chihuahua and part dachshund. Otherwise known as a chiweenie. And I leave you with this picture of her just because she is so freakin’ adorable! This by the way was taken after we had been playing and she was completely worn out!evie

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2 Responses to Bird Contemplations 4

  1. says:

    OMG! What a cute little puppy B

  2. beverlypjones says:

    Apparently you didn’t realize that the puppy would distract your readers from everything you wrote, I among them!!

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