Synchronicity in Action – I Have a Couch!

  1. 1.
    the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.
    “such synchronicity is quite staggering”
  2. 2.
    another term for synchrony (sense 1).
I love the concept of synchronicity. And I really love when I see it in action!

Last week I received an email about the upcoming Care Partners Estate Sale. I saw a settee IMG_4315that was one of those must have items for me so I made a point of getting to the sale early. I found the piece to be in great condition. I didn’t necessarily like the upholstery and the piece clearly lived with a cat at one time but I visioned it’s potential beauty – when I ultimately purchase a house and reupholster the pieces I’ve collected over the years. At the Estate Sale items are full price on Thursday and then reduce in price on Friday and many items are 50% off on Saturday. I just wasn’t willing to take the chance of losing this piece so I paid full price and said I would pick it up on Saturday.

While I was there I also came across a couch. Now THIS COUCH was absolutely meant for my living room and the price was incredible reasonably – $150. BUT it had a broken leg and I don’t usually buy anything that needs work. I mean yes I ultimately need to reupholster the settee but the furniture itself is in perfect condition. So I wasn’t quite sure I should take home a couch with a broken leg. IMG_4295
I thought about the Saturday deal – this couch would be only $75!
A friend of mine met me at the sale Saturday and sure enough, the broken couch was still there. My friend can be much more analytical and pragmatic with purchases than I can be so I sought her opinion. We looked at the leg and decided it would be easy enough to repair. I removed the price tag and walked around the room to think about it – would it fit in my living room and how would I feel about it sitting in the living room broken until I could get it fixed? I decided to go take another look…
While the condition was good I wondered about any odors. I couldn’t smell anything but you know, this was a used piece of furniture. I saw a man looking at a table and chairs next to the couch and asked what he thought about it…
Me: Excuse me…will you come here for a minute? Will you smell this couch? Do you smell any mildew or anything?
Jake: Sure. No. I don’t smell anything. It’s a nice couch!
Me: It’s only $75 today BUT it has a broken leg. I really think the leg would be easy to fix.
Jake: Oh! Well I fix furniture for a living. Let me take a look. Yes I think it can be fixed fairly easy.
Me: Really? Can you do it? Can you do it at my house? How much would you charge?
Jake: Yes. $50
Me: Great! Here is my card with my address and phone number. I’m going to go make the purchase.
Jake: (Looking at card) Oh you give massage?
Me: Sound massage – explained what sound massage is.
Jake: I was going to buy my wife a gift certificate for a massage for Valentine’s Day. Maybe we could just swap.

Me: I love when the Universe brings everything together! Yes, let’s swap!

So that evening Jake came to my house and repaired the broken couch. IMG_4317 Before he left the house we were talking and discovered that he and his wife got to Asheville about six months before me AND they moved here from Baltimore AND we lived within a couple blocks of one another in Baltimore! We visited the same neighborhood restaurants and probably passed one another a time or two.
Evidently, we were meant to meet! I’m looking forward to meeting Jake’s wife Veronica so I can give her a sound massage. For now, I finally have a couch and can actually lay down on it – no more love seat!
IMG_4324 And that settee I purchased… Well, Buddha Baby loves it!
I’m not a fan of the movie The Secret and find that focusing on things can create a lot of suffering. But being open to possibilities and aware of our surroundings allows that magical flow of synchronicity in every aspect of our lives. Who is the stranger in a store standing next to us? What can we offer one another? Approaching the world with an open heart and curiosity will bring countless good fortune our way – whether it’s things or relationships – what we need is always available when we surrender to the flow!
With metta,
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3 Responses to Synchronicity in Action – I Have a Couch!

  1. lynnygal says:

    Great story, Gadabout! And, a lovely couch, too. You never know what impact Jake and his wife may have on your life, and you on theirs, further on down the road. Namaste

  2. says:

    My bartering buddy in the Carolinas. Sofa and settee look great Barbara

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