Ode to My Mother

MomColoradoSo often I find myself not just thinking of you, but conversing with you…as if you were right there with me. Yesterday when I was so busy with commitments that I felt I couldn’t stop – in the kitchen preparing for Thanksgiving guests, yelling at Paz and Buddha Baby to, “Scat Cat!” and “Just go lay down somewhere else Paz!” I looked at them both and laughed, “So you think you’ve never met your Grandmother?!” I soaked in the moment, looked at your picture on my refrigerator and gave you a kiss, “Love you Mom…and miss you!”

I thought about how many people might have thought your favorite holiday was Christmas. After all, not a surface went undecorated once we were done with Thanksgiving. But I remembered you once told me that Thanksgiving was your favorite holiday of all…I think because the focus of Thanksgiving is family and gratitude. And one thing you shared most in your life was gratitude for family.

I thought about the many Thanksgivings I took for granted…sometimes I didn’t even want to be there. It was too hard for me then. I’m grateful today that my last Thanksgiving with you was appreciated beyond compare. I’m grateful that every Thanksgiving since then, there are moments throughout my day that I think, “Mom would love this!” I’m grateful that deep in my heart I have no doubt that even for those missed Thanksgivings – and especially for those I didn’t miss and did not behave well – I am forgiven…and loved…by you.

Cherish your family this Thanksgiving!

With metta, Kate

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3 Responses to Ode to My Mother

  1. Laura says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you also. thanks for sharing the picture of mom. I miss her so much. she loved the holidays more than anyone I know. Have a great day!!!! love, laura

    • That is one of my favorite pictures of her. She was visiting me in Denver and I took her on Trail Ridge Rd. She was so excited when it started snowing that I had to stop the car and take a picture of her out in it! Love you!

  2. btu47@comcast.net says:

    Very touching.  I, too, often stop during my day and remember those special moments with mom and dad and how they were a true support system, expecting nothing in return. Sounds like you had a wonderful thanksgiving. I’m glad Barbara

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