Eat Yer Greens!

Green vegetables forming heart-shapeLately I’ve made an effort to get more greens into my diet. Now you might think that’s easy for a vegetarian to do. After all, all we eat are vegetables. And it is…and is not….that simple.

Kale has been the trendy green for a number of years but call me southern if you must; I’m a collards girl. And maybe turnip greens if I could find them fresh (what is up with the lack of fresh turnip greens)? Even here in Asheville I can’t find collards at the Farmers Market. One farmer told me no one wants collards because they are all about kale. Well, after all, kale is trendy. I didn’t even ask for turnip greens but I’ve looked at the local Earthfare without success.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like homemade kale chips, kale in smoothies, kale juice, and raw kale salad using dinosaur kale. IMG_0074But I haven’t learned how to cook kale so that it’s something I want to eat. Until now….

I recently tried the sautéed kale at the Green Sage restaurant and was delightfully surprised. I noticed they chopped up the curly green kale to small pieces and added some caramelized onion. Well I thought, I can do that. Today I tried it.

I often look around my cupboards to see what I might use in a new dish and today I found some slivered almonds from holiday cooking. So I dry toasted them in the skillet. I chopped a kale bunch in the food processor and got it the same size as offered at Green Sage. Once the almonds were toasted I removed them and added coconut oil, hing (asafoetida), and thinly sliced red onions. When the onions were nicely cooked, I added the kale along with a small squeeze of lemon juice, some Himalayan pink salt, cracked fresh pepper, and a splash of Braggs. I ended up with tender, bright green kale that also had a nice almond crunch. And it was good. IMG_3003 But….I wasn’t really crazy about it.

I like one dish meals, especially if I’m going to heat something the next day. So I decided to drain and rinse a can of Black Beans (Eden brand is the only BPA free can I think) and added the beans, along with a cup of cooked quinoa. IMG_3005NOW that was crazy good!

Of course I still cooked a pot of my old standby: collards with thinly sliced onions, pepper flakes, garlic, a teaspoon of coconut oil and a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar. Yum! Yum!


The other day I was reading something that said cauliflower is becoming the new trend. I love cauliflower and cabbage too. Spinach is great raw or cooked and while chard isn’t a favorite (it’s kind of like kale for me) I do have one favorite chard dish that includes shallots and raisins.

If you are a green lover and have some favorite recipes or just want to suggest some herbs or spices, please do. I’m ready to include more greens to my diet and interesting flavors and textures are a must.

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