What’s in a Name – Let Me Introduce You!

Ladies & gentlemen….friends & family….fellow Gadabouts….let me introduce you to someone very special……

…..Buddha Baby IMG_2536

…or Buddha Baby Boy IMG_2602

….or B3 (B cubed) or just Cubed! (Just kidding on this one of course!)

This new little love of my life joined the household as Cinderfella when he needed a foster home just a day after sweet Jaxson’s passing. I really love watching how the Universe plays out or as my Mom used to say…God works in mysterious ways. I was grounded and content with the thought of continuing our lives together – just me and Paz – with no feline companion. There were a lot of things that made that vision appealing and having Paz helped soothe the loss of Jaxson’s big personality.

Jaxson passed on Monday and Tuesday I was looking out a window at his grave. I suddenly felt like I really could have a new cat; maybe an older cat. I could move the litter box into that bathroom and change things up so caring for a kitty was easier (meaning keeping his food and litter away from Paz). I thought about that and how many older kitties do need a home…. Also that day, I had all of Jaxson’s things in the car so I could take them for donation to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue (BWAR) once my windshield was replaced. But then the windshield was replaced and for some reason I decided I’d just wait until the following day to make the drop off.

And then I got on Facebook and saw this, “CinderFellaMeet CinderFella, one lucky – and tough – little guy! Our intrepid Community Cat coordinator Nancy was called today to rescue this little 6 week old kitten from being trapped in the cinderblock foundation of a home – he’d been stuck there for two days! Luckily Nancy is a caver in her free time, so the hour spent crawling under the home and carefully maneuvering the kitten free didn’t freak her out. Anything for the kitties! A foster is needed for CinderFella for a couple of weeks until he’s ready for adoption; please email nancy@bwar.org.” And within minutes, I was emailing Nancy and submitting a foster application!

I sent Nancy the link to Jaxson’s obituary – I wanted her to know what kind of cat Mom I am. And it worked – she later called to say she chose me and we made arrangements to meet the following day.

When I first met Buddha Baby he hissed and was very scared but never a fighter. He would hide and hiss but I could see in his eyes that he really wanted love. When I introduced him to Paz IMG_2530 and that big wet nose, he was shy but not really fearful. And Paz was especially sweet. Paz is so kind to small animals. And in the week that they’ve gotten to know one another, Buddha Baby has learned that when Paz isn’t in the mood, he has a great growl (but no bark or bite!)

The first night he slept in his crate next to my bed but the next night, I decided to let this less than two pound cutie sleep in bed with us. I wanted to make sure we bonded because while I was still insisting he was a foster, I knew in my heart that he was the perfect feline companion for our home. IMG_2555Yes, he is a kitten and I love when people go all gaga over kittens because seriously as cute as they are, I think of them as tiny trouble makers who want to break things. And what a lesson in things don’t matter! Honestly, the cats in my life have been some of my greatest teachers regarding so many things. And that’s why (I think) Buddha Baby is so appropriate for the little guy.

IMG_2550For the first time in my life I had a balanced experience of sorrow (Jaxson’s passing) and joy (Buddha Baby’s arrival). When Poco died I was devastated and Jaxson brought crazy joy back into my life. With Jaxson’s passing I was sad to lose his physical presence but so grateful to have had him for so many years. I actually feel that Jaxson, through his obituary, played a paw in making sure this house remained one of love and compassion for kitties. Buddha Baby represents impermanence – life changes, and detachment – the ability to let go of those I love and things that seem but really aren’t important.

I have not formally adopted him as he is still too young so he is in foster status. He’s going for his next round of kitten shots next week so I’ll ask about the process then. I’ve no doubt they will allow me to keep him – they have pretty much said so!

Thank you all for all the love and support you’ve shared with me. My little family is quite happy now. Me and my boys!

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2 Responses to What’s in a Name – Let Me Introduce You!

  1. Marcia says:

    How precious! I’m so glad you have a new kitten, Kate…anyone would know you’re a great
    animal mommy, and how lucky Pax is – just imagine where he would be had you not come along…
    and now he has a lucky little buddy. Looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks.

  2. Thanks Marcia! So happy you are spending Thanksgiving with us! xoxo

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