Obituary: Jaxson Freeman, 24 Dec 1996 – 3 November 2014

008Jaxson Freeman, affectionately known as Jax, walked this earth for just short of 18 years.

Abandoned at a rescue shelter, little did he know he would rescue Kate, who became his adoring Mom.

Kate had said her goodbyes to her last feline companion, Poco, just four days before meeting her new son. Jaxson suffered upper respiratory disease in the shelter, but that did not stop him from bringing joy and laughter to his new home. And he brought new life (literally) to Kate. He soon healed from his disease and only slightly suffered allergies.

IMG_5337Jax was born in Virginia and lived in such exotic (and not exotic) places as Washington DC, Georgia, Maryland, and finally North Carolina. Those moves were arduous for a little kitty but he turned into a tough old cat and made major moves, as well as visits to his grandparents for holidays, with few complaints.

While Kate followed her heart to Botswana, Jaxson held his heart for her and waited with his Auntie Jane in DC,  reuniting in Atlanta.

Jaxson&RockyJaxson’s first dog friends were a Bull Terrier named Rocky, and a Poodle named Nigel. He tolerated many dogs, and most of all his brother Paz; who attempted to steal his Mothers heart, but learned she had love enough to share. IMG_1888 However, Jax did not want to share his Mom with another feline, although he did try to accept Mpho JaxandMpho2006 their life together was not meant to be.

He once stayed with friends while his Mom traveled 90% of the time – he had a working Mom. During his stay at Camp Lesbo, with the help of the camp counselors (pet sitters) Jax sent Kate an email about his adventures, and about the diversity training taught by their lesbian friends. He shared he was developing relationships with species other than his own – their dog. This news was almost misinterpreted but ultimately made his Mother proud! And this memory will always make her heart smile for her friends, their sense of humor, and their devotion (like the devotion of others) to help keep Jaxson safe and happy.

DSC01422While Jax was deeply loved by many, he might be remembered most by those who spent the night with him and refused his cries for breakfast at ungodly hours.

IMG_5080Jaxson, you are my love and my light. You filled my heart with joy and I will never forget just how much I needed you. Don’t ever think you were rescued Dear Old Cat because clearly, it was I who was rescued by you. I will miss your loud purring and strong presence. And I will see you on the other side!

0-obit-Jax and Me Mom

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