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Of Pain & Suffering: Suicide Now & Then

Thirty-three years ago today (well, the Monday before Thanksgiving) I woke up in the nut house, aka Milledgeville. The day before, I had attended a Rod Stewart concert. Pumped up on Quaaludes and who remembers what else, I drove to an … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name – Let Me Introduce You!

Ladies & gentlemen….friends & family….fellow Gadabouts….let me introduce you to someone very special…… …..Buddha Baby  …or Buddha Baby Boy  ….or B3 (B cubed) or just Cubed! (Just kidding on this one of course!) This new little love of my life … Continue reading

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Obituary: Jaxson Freeman, 24 Dec 1996 – 3 November 2014

Jaxson Freeman, affectionately known as Jax, walked this earth for just short of 18 years. Abandoned at a rescue shelter, little did he know he would rescue Kate, who became his adoring Mom. Kate had said her goodbyes to her … Continue reading

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