Just a Little Note…

IMG_2362Last Sunday I started to update my Facebook status and decided to save it for a blog. It’s going to be a couple weeks before I’m consistently posting and the feel of my posts are going to change. So today’s little note is just that… a little note…

Saturday’s orientation at Brother Wolf (BW) was well worth the time! I learned about volunteer opportunities but also the programs offered at Brother Wolf and some statistics regarding our furry friends here in Western North Carolina. There is a lot of “WNC” talk around here!

For one thing, BW has a thrift shop and a retail store. Had I known, I would have taken my things there rather than Goodwill. Nothing against Goodwill.

And what I really found fascinating is that our northern neighbors (e.g., New England, Vermont, New Hampshire) don’t have a problem with homeless animals like we do here in the south. Those shelters actually have waiting list so Brother Wolf has a partnership with them and will send as many as 25 animals (through the efforts of volunteer transporters) to those states. Why is this? I’m sure there are studies to find the root cause and I am definitely interested if anyone knows about this.

I love that Brother Wolf refers to feral cats as “Community Cats.” This might be a common terminology in the world of feral cats but I have not heard it. They run the typical program – picking up cats to neuter/spay, clipping an ear, then returning to the community. They also provide feeders and food.

The beauty of being a volunteer is I can go any day at any time with no scheduled commitment. That makes it so much easier. The volunteer coordinator said he’d have our name badges ready by Tuesday. I’ll go to my first volunteer gig next week. There’s a lot of work to do and a lot of animals needing love. Paz and Jax won’t mind…as long as I don’t bring ANYONE home!

I also volunteered with the Asheville Newcomers Club to paint fire hydrants around the city of Asheville. One might not expect a project like that to be a lot of fun but it was a gorgeous day and I had an opportunity to get to know some fellow ANC members. I’d do it again!

It turned out I had something to do every single day last week and on some days, more than one thing. Funny after just writing about loneliness and introversion. Funnier yet that I could hardly wait to get a day at home all to myself!

After 2 months (well, next week will be two months) I’m getting used to this new life. I’m getting clearer on what I want with this new chapter; this Inspirement. Every day I wake up grateful. Every day I wake up amazed and in awe of the possibilities and pure potentiality of life.

Jai Maa!

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