Yes I love the Rainy Nights – and Days Too it’s TRUE!

IMG_1826Yesterday was perfectly lovely! And with all the things I could do, I ended up going over to the Paper Moon Diner for blueberry pancakes and spending most of the day snuggled up with my boys in front of the TV. It was sweet indulgence!

This morning it’s still raining and as I sit at my desk IMG_1840  I hear the sound of soft rain falling on the roof of the balcony. I think Jaxson has made his way back to bed, Paz found a cozy spot in the pillows on the futon, and I’m sipping my favorite Red Velvet Black tea (from David’s Tea in Canada) with cream and honey. Just being here is truly delightful!

I bought myself a honey pot photo 1 and it’s really sweet (pun intended!). I filled it full of Really Raw Honey and while I love the glass dipper with a bee on it, I still use my teak dipper. Sometimes my functional art is not as functional as I’d like it to be and the glass dipper is not only very large (and therefore provides too much honey) but I also have to take care not to drop tea or water back into the pot.

IMG_1839 This weekend I’ve returned to my Sadhana practice of morning meditation with oracle reading and journaling. When I make this a daily practice my life feels magical; calm, relaxed, confident, balanced, joy full, and radiating love. It really is amazing. So if I know it makes me feel that way, why do I stop? Because it sometimes becomes a struggle to get up at 0400 to have time for a spiritual practice before caring for the boys, preparing for work, and making the 25-30 minutes commute. That said, I am always drawn to return and every time I do, I feel refreshed and grateful.

I tell myself that sadhana will be routine in my retirement years; when my work schedule is less rigid and the sadhana is actually part of the work. Just like daily walking, cooking more and eating out less, and participating in my community, my life will be different when I live a different lifestyle (i.e. after my federal career). I know better than to live in the realm of “some day,” and I also know better than to place guilt on myself for not doing enough or being enough. It’s all about balance, now and when I move to my next chapter. So for now, I enjoy the pleasure of the daily sadhana and I commit to mindful behaviors that support my 0400 wake up – winding down an hour before bed, going to bed early, eating properly, and getting daily exercise.

This morning I cooked a delightful Chick Pea & Lentil Stew. photo 2 Most people are familiar with musical mash ups – blending two or more songs together to create one. I often cook recipe mash ups and this morning I found a basic stew recipe in my Middle Eastern/North African cookbook and the perfect compliment of spices in one of my Ayurvedic Cookbooks. I also looked in the fridge to see what I might add – carrots, jalepeno, and cauliflower. Wow! I cooked the chickpeas yesterday and soaked the lentils last night. I don’t normally soak lentils. I added a can of fire roasted tomatoes since I didn’t have fresh tomatoes. The house smells so good that I’m not burning incense and several taste tests have promised a scrumptious rainy afternoon meal.

I’m fascinated by all the talk on FB about what a horrible winter it was. Too much snow…too cold…and now too much rain. I laugh because it’s been perfectly cozy to me! And because I know when everyone is tickled pink about the hot days of summer, I’ll be whining then like they are now; too hot, too humid, too sunny! With that in mind I’m leaving you with this…


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