Change is Good!

IMG_1667What a difference a new location makes!

I decided to cancel my float on Friday because I felt I was coming down with something. The symptoms have been on and off and I didn’t want to take the chance of needing to cancel at the last minute. Once I canceled, it was like a world of opportunity opened up and I had one thing in mind – rearranging furniture!

It was going to be a big job. I needed to clean (as in scrub the floor too) the third floor (my bedroom) and I decided that I just had to get the TV out of the living room (first floor) and moved to the guest room (second floor). I signed a lease renewal because I’m not in the mood to move and because there are a lot of good things about living in this house. But I wasn’t loving my home and that is critically important to me. Even in my most impoverished homes, I’ve created a functional space of serenity and beauty. I thought that was going to be easy in this house but over the past year, I’ve found it increasingly difficult.

In addition to moving the TV, I wanted my desk back. For the past year I’ve had the TV sitting on top of the desk and I’ve sat at my laptop at the dining room table. Now that isn’t really that bad but it just felt like it was time to change. It could very well be that I’ve just felt out of control regarding my work and retirement. I felt like I had to change something!

And now? I absolutely L-O-V-E my home again!!! My living room is the perfect space for a sound concert, with lots of seats and an open floor for singing bowls. It’s a great place to meditate, read, journal, and just BE. IMG_1673 And the TV room is warm and cozy…the perfect place for me and the boys to snuggle up for a movie, check Facebook, or blog. IMG_1663 As simple as this sounds, my most favorite thing about the move is I can finally enjoy my Daddy’s African Violet. That violet loves the light in this room but it’s a room I rarely used before the switch. Now I sit in it’s beauty every day, which means I have more opportunities to give it love and care.

After all of the moving and cleaning, I felt a distinct shift in the energy of the home. But more importantly, I felt less constricted, calmer, organized, and healthier than when I started the project. Sitting felt easy in the living room and I felt inspired to cook so I could dine in the dining room.IMG_1670 I made some changes in the kitchen too, and Saturday morning I bought a cart full of nutritious ingredients for yummy meals.

The weather has been been beautiful with temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s. I’ve promised Paz a walk and finally kept my promise today. He was ecstatic to get out of the house and stretch his legs and smell the ground, the fence posts, the side walk, and any thing else he could get his nose on. IMG_1676 I asked him to pose for a selfie but he was too interested in another dog who was walking across the street.

During the past week I’ve written several blog posts in my mind. Unfortunately, I did not commit those post to WordPress, paper, or voice recording. I kept saying to myself, “I’ll wait until Sunday.” And now I’ve come to realize that’s not a good approach for me. I believe having a dedicated work desk will go a long way in supporting my writing and developing a discipline of writing those things down when a stream of consciousness graces my mind with it’s presence (or my mind slows down and is present for a stream of consciousness).

People often tell me how much they love my home and how peaceful it feels. Even maintenance guys comment on how they feel when they come in the house! I think people often set up a home or a room (or even an office or cubicle) and then forget about it. They commence with the activities of living life and when they think about changing their environment, the thought is too overwhelming – it’s too hard to paint, too expensive to buy new curtains, or it takes too much time to make any real changes. They think about how they would like to rearrange the furniture but there really is no other way to make it fit – because they follow conventional ideas about home decorating.

When a home feels that way the people who live there almost always say they also feel stuck in their job, their relationships, or their financial state. They need a change to be happy but they don’t know exactly what that change is. Or they know what the change is but there is nothing they can do about. They feel out of control. Just as I did. And they end up on the couch in front of the TV with a bag of chips, or they become a social butterfly, spending as much time away from home as possible because home doesn’t feel good any more.

I say when you feel bad about your living or work space,  MAKE A CHANGE! If a whole house is too much at once, change one room, change one thing in one room – just make a change that you can control and will make your life feel better. Sometimes it’s as simple as buying flowers to put on the table. It doesn’t really matter what we do as long as we do something. Just like an Oprah make-over, changes on the outside are good for inspiring changes on the inside. Just remember that when all is said and done, it’s really all about the inside. If you feel stuck, bored, heavy, or chaotic, in your home, check in to see how you are feeling about your life in general. It’s likely your feelings will match, and in my experience, making internal or external changes, almost always lead to positive external or internal changes.


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