IMG_1357 copyIt is a GLORIOUS fall day! The sky is blue and the air is crisp. I noticed on my walk yesterday, how many leaves/trees are still bright green. I don’t really know what makes the leaves change color. I mean I understand the process, I just don’t know if it’s wet or dry in connection with cold that creates the most spectacular fall foliage. I passed this tree and fell in love…IMG_1356 copy

I feel especially good today. I’m on day 27 or 28 of the 90 day candida cleanse and discovered today that I’ve dropped 9.5 pounds from my heaviest summer weight. It feels good to put on clothes that are a little looser around the waste.

I’m making some adjustments to my diet….I find that the kombucha tends to make me…well….let’s just say…..pfffft! A little too gassy. I wasn’t certain if it was the candida dying off or the kombucha but I’ve noticed that when I limit myself to a bottle every other day, I don’t seem to have the problem. I’ve also noticed that I absolutely love Synergy flavors such as grape, which leads me to believe it’s the sweetness that I crave. So I’m not giving them up completely, but will reduce consumption to every two or three days.

I am adding InnergyBiotic from Body Ecology. It’s expected to arrive Tuesday I think. And as I finish the Pau d’ Arco, I’m moving to a new product: IMG_1355

On Friday I decided I was going to have my old decaf, quad, venti, soy, no-foam latte at Starbucks. I was missing it and decided one would not hurt. Paz was at the groomer and Yumiko and I had completed our grocery shopping so we stopped in at Starbucks. I was giddy with excitement (yes, I said that) as I ordered up my old friend. I perfected that drink in the mid 90’s when Starbucks was downstairs from my condo in Ballston. The baristas taught me how to order it correctly and at the time, I would walk in to hear someone yell out to the barista, “Sharon’s drink!” I’m always fascinated by the folks at Starbucks and how they remember every customer!

I got my drink and we found a seat. IMG_1358 copy I wanted to savor the first moment and I did. That first sip was hot, creamy, and smooth. It was delicious and I felt immediately comforted. However, as I continued to drink, it just didn’t taste that good. In fact, it had an almost metallic taste! I’m fairly certain it was the soy milk.

I don’t eat or drink much soy and soy milk; even organic soy milk, if bought in the store in a box, is highly processed. I think it’s time to eliminate soy from my diet. I love home made almond milk and it’s easy to make. When I go out for an occasional latte (I’ve released the daily habit) I think I’ll just have whole, organic milk. I’m going to try it and see how I like it. And who knows? Maybe I’ll develop an all new “Kate’s drink.”

My walks are going very well and I believe they make a difference when it comes to dropping weight. I only walk 3-4 times a week but when I do walk, it’s 4-5 miles. This week I’m recommitting to my weekday wellness time and planning to walk for an hour a day, Mon – Thurs. It’s the days I work that challenge me and those are the days I need a nice long walk the most!

As I go into month two I am excited and inspired. I love that it’s soup time IMG_1359 copyand chili time. Today I’m making black bean & sweet potato burritos. The wraps are made from brown rice. I’m also going to make some hummus which offers me the “crunch” I want during the week (I eat hummus with celery).

As I type, Jaxson is in my lap. He has become a total lap cat which is funny because until now, he didn’t like being held long and never wanted to sit in my lap or sleep with me. He still sleeps by himself at night but if my lap is available, he’s there! IMG_1362 copy

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