For days I’ve thought about what I could write in my next blog. During several walks I’ve caught streams of consciousness that were so brilliantly clear (in my mind), only to completely lose the thought when I returned home. I’ve thought about writing about my irritation with government and instead, decided to post short status updates on Facebook. If only I was enlightened enough to focus only on what I want, rather than what I don’t want. I definitely don’t want my blog to be filled with anything I don’t want – uh oh, did I just write what I don’t want?

I’ve been super excited about my recent realization that if an early out was offered, I could take it. And where would I move to – what would I do? I’d move to Asheville, NC, open Spa de la Paz, find a wellness center where I could also offer sound massage, and sell Kathy’s Art.

I’ve also been super excited about selling Kathy’s Art. IMG_1334I’m vending at a Gift-Fair next month at Holistic Dynamic in Upper Marlboro, and at the Mid-Atlantic Reiki Conference in Columbia. These are mine and Kathy’s first vending ventures together and I’m excited to share Kathy’s mandalas with new and interesting people.

I finally cleaned out my hall closet! IMG_1335It took most of the day to do it and I’m so happy it’s done. I have a huge pile of clothing and household goods for the Purple Heart organization. And I have a few things I plan to sell on eBay like some Harley chaps, a leather jacket, and my Harley vest. IMG_1337 It’s kind of hard to let that go although I really doubt I will ever wear it again. It’s in such good condition that I’ve decided selling it is a viable option.

I made it through furlough payday. I didn’t get to make the large payment on a credit card that I intended to make but me and the boys have a roof over our heads and food in our bowls.

I’m starting week 4 of no sugar, dairy, or gluten. Hallelujah! IMG_1332I really love how I’m feeling and the lifestyle in general; eating healthy, walking, and meditating. I haven’t released any more weight but I think that’s because of the process my body is going through as it kills off the candida. At least that’s what I’m getting out of the research I’ve done.

So I have a lot going on and I think that’s why writing is a challenge right now. I feel this need to write while at the same time feeling blocked. I don’t think this is what’s known as writer’s block but instead, is my way of staying distracted. When I write, I express who I am; what I’m thinking, and what I’m feeling. Writing is like meditation in that way, there is no getting away from me. So the question for me is, “why do I feel a need to be distracted from myself?” Hmmmm…..

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