Why I Walk…

IMG_1329I walk for my sanity. Plain and simple.

I understand runners high. I’ve never had it, but even when I walk I get to that place of total calm; of letting go of thought and allowing my body to move me easily and effortlessly.

I walk for my physical health. It’s a must.

For the last couple of years I’ve had cholesterol numbers that are higher than I want them to be. I know that if the numbers keep creeping up, the doctor will eventually want to put me on meds. And I’m not taking meds for something I can manage through a healthier lifestyle. Some people think it’s strange that I have any kind of cholesterol issues given my diet but that goes to show you that it’s not all about diet.

I walk for mental clarity. No more brain fog.  IMG_1330

I find that when I walk I’m inspired with streams of consciousness that flow through me as bright bolts of brilliance. I have my best ideas when I walk. I almost always have. I used to carry a little tape recorder when I walked so I could catch those streams. The problem is, once I’m conscious of the thoughts, I tend to lose them. I’ve noticed the more I have those experiences, the more often those streams of consciousness, or channeling, come forth when I write.

I walk for spiritual awareness. To be fully present.

There are few activities that make being present so easy. Dancing comes to mind. When I walk I usually begin with a mind full of monkeys but somewhere along the way I move from my head to my body and once I am fully engaged with the rhythm of my body’s motion, I became fully present and aware of my body and my surroundings. Thoughts flow in and out easily. I don’t try to be. I just let myself be.

IMG_1331I plan to one day walk el Camino de Santiago, from France through Spain. It’s a log walk. In some ways I’ve already started the walk as I push my body to walk further distances and different terrain.

I walk because I love to walk and because my body deserves all that I have to give in return for all its given me…..

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