My MBTI Journey of Self Discovery – How it all Began! (Part I)

IMG_1235 In the early 90’s I was introduced to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The Myers & Briggs foundation website states, “The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives.”

The early 90’s was the most exciting time in my early career and the MBTI would prove to be an excellent tool when facilitating groups. More importantly though, the MBTI was a powerful tool that allowed me to discover who I really am.

Zen Puppy Anyone who understands MBTI knows that for an Introvert iNtuition Feeling Perceiver (INFP), discovering who I really am is my life’s purpose. The goal is not to come up with an answer that puts me into a box – you are a federal worker – you are a facilitator. No, for the INFP, a lifetime of discovery is the purpose!

Many organizational consultants and educators prefer the DISC instrument. They say it goes deeper than the MBTI and provides more depth of understanding. I just don’t think so and I only mention it here in case someone has a desire to say, “Hey Kate, if you like the MBTI, you should check out the DISC!” Even in my current office we had an offsite using the DISC. There are so many assessment instruments out there and I haven’t found one that describes me as spot on as the INFP. Certainly none have been as helpful in navigating my way through this lifetime.

If you are interested in determining your own MBTI type, go here. And if you want, send me your results and I will share more information with you. We can Skype (I know you Extroverts need to talk about it) or I can send you some slides/written descriptions. If you are in the office, I keep a book at my desk that I think is titled, “Personality Types in the Workplace.” You are welcomed to borrow it if you are interested.

No matter what spiritual or personal development path I explore, I always include what I learned when I studied the MBTI. I’m a certified instructor but it’s been a while since I’ve delivered a workshop. Still,  the MBTI is like one layer of the onion when exploring behavior and psychology. And in my experience it is as (if not more) revealing than many other models, concepts, and theories.

Virgo Mandala At one time I tried to compare and contrast astrological signs to the MBTI. It was a project for one of my undergraduate courses. My astrological chart and MBTI type match so well that I wondered if that was the norm. The degree of required research turned out to be much more than I had imagined! While there are many layers to the MBTI that most people aren’t aware of, there are enormous layers to astrology and I wasn’t well versed enough to understand all of those layers. I did a fairly decent job on the paper, but it proved more that I knew how to write a research paper, than actually prove my hypothesis.

If you are interested in Zodiac Mandalas like the one above, created by Kathy Rose, send me a private message or check out Kathy’s website.  And while on the subject, tomorrow is the new moon in Virgo (which is the mandala above) go to Kathy’s astrology website to watch her New Moon video.

In my next few posts, I’m going to share my exploration of the MBTI; what I’ve learned about myself and how it helps me understand my inner and outer world. I’m interested in any opinions or dialog so please leave comments if you’d like to share your own MBTI stories. I’m considering the idea of offering some MBTI workshops to individuals and couples – outside the office environment. So any feedback is most welcomed!

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