Confessions are Good for the Soul, Yes?

Today is an Introvert’s dream day ~ at least for this introvert! It’s been a week of learning, accepting, and loving, and I’ve decided to give myself the gift of a perfect day. I’ve moved my tools to the bedroom. According to Feng Shui, the bedroom should be for sleeping (and loving) and not a place for watching TV, reading, or exercising. But I really love this bedroom – the space feels expansive and supportive of my own expansion. So I hauled my books, journals, oracle cards, bowls, yoga mat, and a bowl of organic cherries up the stairs. I got so tickled with my plan that I was actually giggling as I carried everything up all three flights. IMG_1180Elaine has allowed me to put her television in my bedroom – I wanted to see if I’d like to have a TV in the bedroom again. There’s no cable, satellite, or antenna but I did hook up the DVD player (that also plays CDs).  As I sit here typing, I’m also listening to my most recent astrology reading with Kathy Rose. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned Kathy’s reading before so I’ll take a moment to just say that Kathy has served me for well over 20 years. She serves with integrity; intuitively and artistically – and maybe this is my Virgo nature projecting – provides clear and pragmatic guidance.  Of course I can’t recommend her enough!  And speaking of Kathy, I am now selling some of her mandalas; 4×4 ceramic tiles and 3 1/4×4 3/4 minis.

IMG_1183This picture gives you an idea of what I have but if you click on mandalas (above) you’ll be directed to Kathy’s site and can see a picture of every mandala offered. They are $12 each, which is the same price you will pay Kathy but if you are here in the Baltimore area and purchase them from me, you can see them in person before you buy and you won’t have to pay shipping. If you aren’t in this area and you want one or more, just give me a call or send an email – we’ll figure it out!

So earlier this week I posted a quick confessions. I felt really challenged this week. There are times when I just feel overwhelmed by life. I think that’s a common trait among artistic/intuitive people, introverts, and clearly in those who have manifested addictive behaviors. My usual approach once I feel that way is to completely retreat – I either distract myself (I did say I was watching Breaking Bad – I just completed Season 4 last night) or I move everything to the bedroom and spend a day alone in prayer, meditation, and quite frankly, isolation. This behavior clearly has a shadow side – how much energy do I offer to denial? And also a very healing side – how much energy do I offer self-growth and personal freedom (from suffering)? I’ve definitely gone off the deep end on both sides of the spectrum but have learned how to balance my needs and most importantly to not only accept but embrace the dark and the light. I know how to manage my way through the dark side without judgment and harmful behaviors. And really, how many people give themselves an entire day to just be in joy with prayer, meditation, or whatever it is that creates harmony and balance in their life?

Today I am recommitting to daily posts. I have a lot to say but who wants to read it all in one sitting? I kinda like this little setup I’ve created in the bedroom so who knows, maybe I’ll blog some more later today. But for now, I just want to say Thank You to all of you who are taking your time to read and privately comment. Thank You for your encouragement and for sharing my blog on your Facebook wall. Thank You for dropping little hints to let me know you are reading it and for asking questions when you want more information. This journey has turned into much more than an Ayurvedic journey and one of the things I’ve discovered is how much Ayurveda is already in my life – I don’t really need to make a huge change to my daily life and while I suspect I will never know all there is to know, I can also say that I already follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle – a lifestyle that is blooming with full progress!

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