Life always gives us 
exactly the teacher we need 
at every moment. 
This includes every mosquito, 
every misfortune, 
every red light, 
every traffic jam, 
every obnoxious supervisor (or employee), 
every illness, every loss, 
every moment of joy or depression, 
every addiction, 
every piece of garbage, 
every breath. 
Every moment is the guru.

– Charlotte Joko Beck

What I am not doing…

Walking, writing, morning pages, Denise Linn’s 28 day program, Deepak’s 21 day meditation.

What I AM doing…

Meditating, watching Breaking Bad (all seasons), Reading, Preparing for Kundalini Reiki, Eating junk food

What is junk food?

It used to be potato chips, Amy’s frozen pizza, and ice cream.

Now it is homemade mac-n-cheese, fried green beans (in chickpea flour), fried empanadas, and a fried potato sandwich.

Fried foods make me crave sugar.

When I feel overwhelmed I shut down.

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