Oh by the way…Where is Your Blog?

I have to admit that when I heard those words I was pleased…someone was looking for my blog! I knew I committed to writing every day AND I quickly realized what I had committed to – a LOT of time and effort.

I love to write. And it doesn’t always matter what I write about. I like words, grammar, and punctuation. I enjoy taking the time to articulate exactly what I mean and I especially like when someone enjoys my writing or when someone benefits from my writing. That’s the reason I enjoy writing in my work – because I know there is a direct benefit from the results of my efforts. But I digress…

I haven’t written this week because I have been so busy doing, that I was too tired to write. Which was fascinating to observe. Honestly, I just realized that last Sunday was my last blog entry and actually, I’m okay with that because of the week I’ve had.

I did not walk every day but when I did walk, I walked! I’ve shared how fabulous my neighborhood is and it’s proximity to green space. This week I finally walked over to the reservoir. IMG_1168 Round trip to the park and around the reservoir was about 3.5 miles but I can stretch it out to 4 next time. I dearly love walking with others who are walking, running, and biking. One guy on a bicycle passed me 5 times as I made my one lap (I do a 14-16 minute mile). We laughed when I told him he was getting on my nerves…he wasn’t really getting on my nerves and looking at how nice and flat the track around the reservoir is, it might be a really good place for me to get comfortable on a bike.

The scenery also made the walk special. Between the water IMG_1167                                                                                  and the cityscape, IMG_1169 I felt like I was on a mini vacation. I didn’t take Paz this time. I didn’t know how far I was going to walk and I wanted the freedom to move at my own pace. Oh and the very cool thing is that this park is on the Jones Falls TrailIMG_1054 I’m going to walk the complete trail in Baltimore once the weather cools down and I find a walking partner.

Yesterday was another Fabulous Furlough Friday (F3). This time I walked to Penn Station to catch the Marc to DC and then transferred to the Metro to visit my dear friend Mary Sprague in Silver Spring. Mary and I have been trying to coordinate calendars since 2011 (seriously!) and it looked like it was finally going to happen!

We had a bit of a communication snafu and after walking 1.5 miles and not finding her home, I gave her a call – and she came to pick me up. Yes I had a GPS. ‘Nuff said!

Don’t you love the friends you see or talk to sometimes rarely, but pick up your conversation together as if you just spoke yesterday? That’s how it is for us and after some catching up in her new sunroom, we walked to downtown Silver Spring for lunch at Mandalay Cafe.

Mandalay Restaurant & Cafe on Urbanspoon Having visited Burma just a few years ago, I was excited to go to a restaurant that offered authentic Burmese food. And it was most definitely, authentic! I had a fabulous three noodle entree of LetThoke Sone and a samosa. I shared the ThinBawThee Thoke (green papaya) salad with Mary. It was more than enough food (allowing us to take some home for Mary’s hubby, Howard). The restaurant itself is nothing fancy but it’s clean, bright, and the staff were all friendly and attentive. Seriously, I wish I could go back right now! Since I didn’t take a picture of the restaurant or the food, I offer this… Burma 350 …picture of a fisherman on Inle Lake.

We walked back to Mary’s home and she drove me to the Metro. Once back at Penn station I decided to walk home, giving me about a 5 mile walk at the end of the day. I think a few 3-5 mile walks interspersed with my 2 mile walks is perfect right now.

I may have shared already that my friend Elaine is staying with me for a little while. She picks up a weekly stash of veggies from a local farmer so this week I cooked more than I ate out. The first meal was a very fabulous veggie burrito – any veggie I found in the fridge – cut up small, with a little feta cheese, wrapped in an Ezekiel tortilla, topped with freshly made mango salsa, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and sliced avocado. IMG_1163 It was excellent! And the veggies and salsa were great when I later added them to cooked quinoa.

I’ve started the 28 day program with Denise Linn. The questions she provides in the workbook are really good for getting to the core of why I want to lose weight and why my weight is a challenge right now. I weighed myself on the last day of July and for my first month of my Ayurvedic journey, I released 5.5 pounds. I’m good with that. Not all of my meals were in alignment with Ayurvedic principles but my habits and routines are beginning to reflect the Ayurvedic lifestyle I’ve chosen to emulate so I’m pleased.

So now I am looking forward to an overnight visit with a friend from Atlanta, Mary Rose Campbell. I lived in Mary’s house in Marietta for a couple months before I accepted a position in Atlanta and decided I couldn’t handle the commute. She’s bringing a bottle of her famous blackberry wine and I’m sure I’ll have something to say about that soon!

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