From Mo to Me…

“Don’t struggle to change. Struggle strengthens what you are trying to change.”  Cheri Huber

If you think I’m kidding when I say I was sportin’ a Mo Rocca look, then just click here. And now take a look at this -> New old do When (and HTH) did THAT happen! LOL!!!

This week I’ve paid close attention to where I am struggling to change.

I was going to change my hairstyle…let it grow long and then cut it into a medium shag. I love my gray hair and even have visions of long gray dread locks someday, but walking in triple digit heat and high humidity when I’m 30 pounds overweight was just about as unpleasant as I could imagine. So yesterday, I had it ALL chopped off! New doAs the hair fell off my head and onto the floor I thought about how I sometimes have to release a good idea (at least an idea I thought was good when I first imagined it) and shed some old beliefs and perceptions so that new ideas can take hold. I really do believe that if I’m struggling with something, I’m not in the flow of the Universe.

I’ve been on this journey for 26 days now and I really haven’t struggled with anything related to diet and exercise. I’m eating better and moving more. I’ve adopted some Ayurvedic practices that I was hoping to start and I’ve developed a nice morning and evening routine. Not everything is as routine as brushing my teeth, but I’m doing more of the things I believe are healthy for me and less of those things that never really served my highest good.

This afternoon I’m going to Pennsylvania to visit sister Carol & niece Jess. I’m looking forward to it – especially to the bicycle ride that Carol and I have planned for tomorrow. When I come home I’m planning to prepare for a (free) program with Denise Linn. She said she wants to release a few pounds so she’s put together a workbook and some ideas (no dieting) to focus on eating consciously, living in a spirit of gratitude, being mindful of her body, clearing clutter in her house, and lots and lots of journaling and reflecting. She is even offering some free meditations and a Facebook group page called Letting Go Step Into The Flow, if you are interested. I feel like the questions and preparation are the perfect next step for my journey. Let me know if you decide to join in!

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