Everyone Needs a Support System ~ I Thank the Heavens for Mine!

I met Kellee in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. She was my trainer. Most of my memories of her involve machines and sweat AND she was the best trainer I had ever had. She knew how to push without going too far. Kellee works as a contractor in my agency now and we try to have lunch together once a week. She understands what I’m doing this summer and knows how to encourage me when I can’t figure out why I haven’t “lost” 15 pounds already. She helps me remember my intention and my vision – reminding me that I’m not losing but releasing fat and that process is best when done mindfully and slowly, as I’ve planned.

I met Elaine at my Reiki Level II training. And now she’s certified in Sound Massage. She’s staying with me for a couple of weeks while she sorts out some problems with her apartment. Last night I was telling her how I hate the fat on my body – I’m tired of it – how it makes me feel and how it makes me miss out on so many things (like wearing my beautiful summer wardrobe). She called me out on it – my language – hating the fat – and offered another way to look at it.

These are just two of the many friends I have who lift me up and help me walk this journey. I’ve known Carol since 7th grade – she not only offers encouragement but also offers writing advice when asked. It takes a good friend to give helpful feedback. And then there is Sammy, my jack russell terrier gal-pal who is also a nutritional coach and does mega-research, allowing me to just say, “what do you think?”

I had a boyfriend once who often said, “We come into this world alone and we die alone.” But that’s just not true! From the moment I took my first breath until (I believe) the time I take my last, I am blessed with friends and family who support me through the good times as well as the bad times.

Today I’ve been in a funk. I get that way sometimes. Some might say that if I was Spiritual  enough, or happy enough, or enough enough, that wouldn’t happen. But my friends recognize it and don’t judge it. They just love me through it. They make me laugh. They help me look at myself. They show me how to love who I am.

Thank you my friends – all of you!

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