Good Morning Katie-poo!

IMG_1091 Take your probiotic — CHECK! (If you eat sugary yogurt for your probiotic, PLEASE check these out!) IMG_1093

Stretch your body — CHECK! (This morning I actually woke up and did some yoga. It felt so good! While living in Botswana I had a consistent morning yoga practice and I always felt like yoga “kept me sane.” I had an inconsistent practice while living in Atlanta and no practice ever here in Baltimore. So today, I started a new practice and it felt really good! I’ve been thinking about my practice for a few weeks and admit I was inspired to finally begin by the book I mentioned last week – “Do You Think You Will Break?”.)

Scrape your tongue — CHECK! (This is something I’ve been doing most days but I want this routine to be as consistent as flossing my teeth!)

Use your Neti Pot — CHECK! IMG_1078 I love neti pots. I know it looks weird and seems unnatural but when I have a neti wash in the morning, my sinuses feel clear of anything the fan stirred up during the night. I also love functional art, so of course I have a neti pot and salt container that are also beautiful. I got them from Coryell Clayworks. I use distilled water, and of course salt specifically for the neti. I keep an electronic cup warmer on the sink and in the morning I fill the neti pot, turn on the warmer, take my shower and when I’m done, the water is warm and ready. Be careful if you do this as the water can get too hot, very quickly. I had to experiment with timing. Sometimes I’ll use a neti “booster” in the pot; if I feel like I might be coming down with something or if I’ve been in a heavily polluted area or something like that.  (And at night before bed, I use Nasaya Oil in both nostrils.)

Taking probiotics is not Ayurvedic – at least not that I’ve seen, but all the other practices are. I am amazed at how my body feels – and therefore how I feel – when I practice simple things like a neti wash or yoga. Even at night when I use the Nasaya oil, I feel ready for sleep. I think it helps me go to sleep but I have no proof.

It was a good day today AND the heat index is triple digit. So I power walked with weights and Leslie Sansone. I’ve used her DVDs for about 20 years and on days like this, I am so grateful. It’s a good workout and at home I can walk the entire two miles, right in front of a fan! I found a two mile walk you can check out on YouTube – but if you like it, go to her website. You can purchase her DVDs for cheap at Target. Or borrow mine – I have several!

I don’t drink a lot of cold drinks but tonight I’m in the mood for my favorite fruit smoothie: Hazelnut milk, frozen blueberries, frozen bananas, dark cocoa, cacao nibs, and Dr Kim’s greens. Yes you can put spinach or any other green in this but I don’t always have fresh greens on hand. Dr Kim’s greens are really amazing! Check him out on FacebookIMG_1090Check out those greens – read the label – you might be amazed! Most everything in the smoothie is organic and that leads me to Green & Blacks Organic Cocoa – NOT HOT CHOCOLATE.

I started buying G&B cocoa years ago. It got to the point to where that is the only brand I like. Seriously, nothing else will do. Last year, Whole Foods stopped carrying it. They carry the hot chocolate, but not cocoa powder. So I began my search and finally found the product offered on Amazon from a company named Cooking Marvellous that is located in the UK. If you clicked on Cocoa, you’ve seen what I have to pay to get the stuff. And I do. So Dear Gadabouts, if you have an organic brand of cocoa that you think is THE BOMB, please tell me what it is!

So speaking of smoothies… I’ve decided to stop eating at 6pm – that’s a healthy 2-3 hours before bedtime. So I better get to the kitchen and start making that smoothie now!

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