Sometimes an Unpleasant Situation Leads to a Purely Pleasant One!

I needed to walk today. My body wanted it. I also wanted to go see The Lone Ranger and I wanted to go to the earliest showing which was 9:30 this morning. I knew that if I went to the movie without walking first, the possibility for not walking today was more than likely. So the first thing I did was grab the leash and grab Paz.

I decided to take a new route over to Druid Hills Park, only I didn’t pay attention to where we needed to go and I ended up taking us on a harrowing morning walk in traffic (not too much since it was Saturday morning, but still traffic). At some point I was nerved out with Paz – on my left he would be near traffic – on my right he would be near a wall that bared many signs “live electric wire.” On top of all of that I decided to listen to a workout playlist I created several years ago – all high energy fast beats with words about breakups and infidelity. At one point I literally felt assaulted by frenetic energy. I stopped to take a look around IMG_1079 and discovered that amidst it all, there was an amazing beauty. And this was a beauty I would not have seen had I not been willing to try a different way. Taking a moment to pause, breathe, and be present in my surroundings, I decided my “wrong route” was the result of being inexperienced and making an unskilled choice. I wasn’t lost and course correction was just a block away. It seemed like the traffic died down and we were back on track in known and friendly territory. Even the songs in the playlist became lighter and I began to enjoy the walk and give thanks for all the different paths and routes available to me today and every day.

The walk was also nice for Paz. Now that he has a haircut he’s much cooler and it was clearly evident while on our walk. I decided we needed a picture to capture the moment.IMG_1080 I don’t usually like having my picture taken by someone (or myself) holding up the camera. I mean really, have you ever seen an attractive picture taken of anyone like that? I have some friends (guess I’ll find out who’s reading my blog) who have gotten irritated with me because I don’t want my picture taken that way. What I’ve come to realize is that those self-portrait issues are my issues – but a friend getting irritated, mad, or in judgment because I don’t want to pose for those pictures is totally, 100%, their issue. And their issues are none of my business.

After the walk I went to the movie and after the movie I came home and walked to Breathe. IMG_0982I really love the food there but I’m not sure it’s going to support my plan to the extent I had hoped. All along, my plan was to eat a Kapha reducing, Ayurvedic diet. I believed that by having the luxury of walking into the Cafe and seeing menu items clearly marked Kapha, Pitta, Vata, for three months, I would become naturally accustomed to the foods that best suited my imbalance, and I would try different foods that I normally wouldn’t be inclined to fix for myself. I have a bookshelf full of Ayurveda books and cookbooks. But I don’t really want to think about type any more than I want to count points, calories, or carbs. I know that Susan is planning to label the menu but I’m feeling like until she does, I might want to expand my options (there are so many delicious and healthy options on The Avenue).

All of that said, honestly, I can look at the current menu and determine what is probably best for any type. Yes, it would be easier for me to learn if the foods were labeled, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn – I can’t bring the Ayurvedic way of preparing and eating foods, into my life. What it does mean is I must be more mindful and considerate with my food choices. If I’m serious about this commitment, I need to pay attention and learn Ayurvedic principles so that I am aligned with them – they resonate in me and are a part of me. Like they taught me in Home Economics – one starch, one protein, and one carb – I can learn the qualities of Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. It’s not about counting, it’s about knowing my body and knowing what I put into it – knowing the qualities of each and how those qualities create good health.

Tomorrow my plan is to stay home. I want to work with two new crystals I purchased: IMG_1064 Phenacite is the clear crystal (with some inclusions but I don’t know what those are made of) and Moldavite is the green. Moldavite actually comes from the Czech Republic and is from a meteorite that fell from the sky millions of years ago. I’m also going to spend some time giving myself a sound massage with the bowlsIMG_0946 and now I’m adding some reading to my agenda. I’m keeping it simple with these two books which I think will help me make smart choices no matter where I eat. IMG_1087.

If you’ve learned anything about me through this blog, you know that self-care is something I make a priority in my life. Tomorrow is my day to stay home – I may not go any further than the back porch and I’m sure I won’t get out of my pajamas. That’s the way I like my Sundays. And I am soooooo looking forward to it!

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2 Responses to Sometimes an Unpleasant Situation Leads to a Purely Pleasant One!

  1. Carol says:

    I love that photo of you and Pazzy, too cute!

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