I Will Indeed, Succeed!

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” Bill Cosby

I had a lovely 4th of July. I spent my day cleaning house, grooming the boys, and stopped by Whole Foods. I’ve determined that I need some food here in the house and I also need to broaden my choice of restaurants so I have variety with my meals.

IMG_1035 I waited until after 9pm and went upstairs to sit out on the balcony to watch the fireworks down at the Inner Harbor. No snacks, no wine, and no feelings of hunger.

I was especially happy with myself yesterday. Usually I use holidays as permission to buy junk – some kind of chips, Amy’s frozen pizza, and maybe some kind of chocolate. While in Whole Foods I thought about the things I could have, and easily made another choice. I bought collards, lettuce, and salad fixings. And a few things I needed for homemade hummus.

I’ve made Holy Moly Hummus for several years now. It’s a recipe from How it all Veganby Tanya Barnard & Sarah Kramer. That hummus is so good that I no longer enjoy store bought varieties – even the ones that everyone says are best. Let me know if you want the recipe – or buy the book, there are more fabulous recipes in there!

I had plans for today – morning plans and afternoon plans with two different friends. The afternoon plans fell through and as life has it, the day turned out nice and sweet.

My Reiki partner Elaine came over early this morning. We met while taking Reiki Level II with Andrea Wenger and we get together once a month to “swap” Reiki treatments. It’s such a delight to receive Reiki and talk with someone about the experience of being a new practitioner. Elaine has received the full body sound massage from me before so this morning I asked if she would mind if I added some Reiki and aromatherapy. I wanted her feedback for what I had in mind.

The session took about an hour and as expected, Elaine provided great feedback on what worked/didn’t work for her and we brainstormed some ideas. It was my turn for Reiki but we were hungry and decided to walk to Breathe Bookstore Cafe for lunch.

The walk was terrific! And the food was of course, fabulous. I had the tomato bisque with polenta croutons and this amazing blue cornmeal muffin with fruit. We sat out on the porch and the cool breeze was Nirvana. IMG_1041 It was so heavenly that after we ate, all I could think about was how nicely a row of hammocks would be on that beautiful porch! We were talking about going back to my house when we decided to walk to Elaine’s house instead. She lives about one mile on the opposite side of Breathe.

I remembered that I installed a new walking App on my iPhone and decided to use it. The App is called, “Walkmeter.” Not only does it track your distance and time, but you can set it up to interact with Facebook. Now when I go for walks, I start the App and an announcement shows up on my Facebook wall that allows people to send me encouragement and inspiration. All they have to do is type something in the comment space or “Like” the post, and I hear applause and an Aussie male telling me whatever was typed. It’s kitchie and I L-O-V-E it!

I always go into deep relaxation with Reiki or any type of body/energy work and today was no exception. I must’ve “snorted” a dozen times, drifting in and out of theta consciousness. What amazes me about the experience is how energized I feel afterwards. When I take a nap in the middle of the day I often wake up tired, but I never feel tired after Reiki or massage.

I walked home going a different route and wasn’t exactly sure what path I would take – just the general direction. (That’s a metaphor for my life if ever I’ve heard one!) I came across some construction and decided to walk onto the Johns Hopkins campus to avoid the traffic. I kept having to change paths as one after another turned into a dead-end or left me feeling like I wasn’t quite sure where I was going. I was thinking about the day, my walks, my summer project, and wondering when I was going to find myself back on a familiar path. I wondered just how hard this road to wellness was going to be; after all, it’s only June and there have been days of stifling humidity that I just won’t battle. I asked myself, “Will I ever find the right path?” and when I looked up I saw a sign… IMG_1042 Ha! Ha! Ha! I mean seriously… could I ask for a more perfect sign at a more perfect time?! I love synchronicity! This was exactly the encouragement I needed today! I continued my walk and found myself at the back gate of the Baltimore Museum of Art’s Sculpture Garden. I was now in familiar territory with the confidence that I will succeed. With every step I took toward home, I thought about how amazing my life is and how grateful I am for the people in it. I love this city life and it’s supporting me in creating the healthy, happy, and holy life that is mine to receive. I have no fear of failure and only a deep desire to succeed – and I know that means that success is MINE!

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