Day One: Success is SWEET!

This morning I woke up filled with motivation to begin my journey, inspiration to enjoy my new behaviors, and anticipation for a happy and successful day. I claim my success!

The new morning routine is fantastic! I sipped a cup of warm lemon water while writing my morning pages. In Ayurveda, it’s all about the digestive system and lemon water in the morning is a great way to wake the body up and get going. Lemon’s alkalizing effect on the body is just what I need right now as I rid my body of too much sugar and processed foods. While I’m not cleansing per se, just by eating real food, drinking lemon water, meditating, and moving my body more than usual, I’m bringing healing to every cell in my body. It really is amazing how little we have to do to just allow our bodies to heal!

Walking to Breathe Bookstore Cafe gave me an indication of just how ready I am for a healthy change. Granted the weather was hot and very humid when I took my walk. And because I had to work an hour late, I didn’t get on the road until after 5pm. But today’s walk took more out of me then I expected it to.

When I got home from work I found a wasp’s nest (now I know why I got stung and why I keep running into those suckers!). Because of the heat, the late arrival home, and the nest, I was very stressed out. I kept looking out the window, hoping to see lightening, so I could justify getting in the car to go get my meals. But on a deeper level, I was looking forward to my walk and I can’t even imagine writing on my first day to say that for “any” reason, I didn’t walk my talk. Before today, I would have walked across the street for some bar food, or found something quick and easy in the cupboards. I would have eaten all that stress I was feeling and at some point I would have been full but not satisfied, tired but also irritated. I’m very proud of myself for walking out that door, past the bar, and on to the Cafe!

I arrived at the Cafe tired, hot, sticky, and winded, but was greeted by Susan when I walked in the door. She recommended the creamy vegetarian soup (filled with greens and tomato) and that’s exactly what I was in the mood for. I like a little crunch with my soup and this came with polenta croutons that were absolutely fabulous AND gluten free! I didn’t put them in my soup. Instead, I ate them like mini cornbreads (with no butter of course). What a TASTY dinner!

Since I’d had no time with the boys today, I decided to get my meal to go. I also picked up a broccoli and pea tart for breakfast tomorrow and a chickpea salad for lunch. I’m all set!

I don’t understand why my work schedule is bothering me so much lately. I’ve gone to bed early and risen early so that I can work the hours I do for most of my career. But it feels like I have so little time at home. When I got home from my walk this afternoon, I decided I needed to cut the grass (a ten minute job) and then sit down to eat my meal. I just felt tired and didn’t even want to play with Paz and Jaxson. I’m already ready for bed! The thing that bothers me is, I feel like I’ve had no time at all at home – and I really haven’t! I have a lot of compassion for working parents – single parents or partners; it seems to me that modern life can just be hard on the soul. I love my home. It really is my sanctuary. And I so look forward to building my business so that I can spend more time at home, and less time doing what someone else needs done.

On a side note: I tried to use a running app during my walk this afternoon but for some reason I’m having trouble getting it to work with Facebook (which is the reason I chose that app). So I’ll try again tomorrow. Once I get it to work properly, I’ll tell you all about it. This weekend I plan to add some categories to the blog so that I can organize my posts with recommendations or references. More about that later.

I definitely have an evening routine I plan to bring into my daily life but for now, sticking with my morning routine and afternoon walk with food purchase seems to be just enough to challenge me without overwhelming me. I’m so blessed to have so much support and opportunities to create a life of perfect health. I am blessed and I am oh so very grateful!

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