Preparing for Week One: Ready, Set, You Go Girl!

If I have the belief that I can do it,
I shall surely acquire the capacity to
do it even if I may
not have it at the beginning.
– Mahatma Gandhi

At the core of my writing, it’s about living a healthy lifestyle – living my life – and what that means to me from a Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical perspective. (Taken from, About this Blog)

Welcome Friends!

Tomorrow is the day my journey begins so I thought I would share a few thoughts this evening about what it’s been like to prepare for the occasion. I’ve spent the past week in just a little bit of terror, thinking about how I’ve told everyone I meet about this blog…how I’m going to get healthy by eating right, walking every day, meditating, and following an Ayurvedic path. Basically, how I’m changing my life – in 90 days – to thoroughly and without question, walk my talk. I hear myself saying the words out loud, confident, sure of myself and excited. And then I walk away and that voice in my head says, “Really?” It’s a bit daunting. Receiving the above quote from Mahatma Gandhi felt like a message from the Divine – if I believe that I can do it, no matter what my old story, surely  I will acquire the capacity to succeed!

IMG_1027There are three behaviors I intend to focus on this week – a consistent daily meditation practice with journaling, eating wholesome (real) food, and walking – lots and lots of walking.

The first major change I’m making is in my morning routine.

I use an app – Meditation Timer – to help me maintain a consistent meditation practice. Prior to this past week I found myself on the cushion for only 10 minutes a day, many days of the week. Well, that’s good. I mean any time spent in meditation is time well spent. But I also know the benefit of spending 20 or 30 minutes of meditation, at least once and especially twice a day. So last Monday I began a 30 minute morning meditation practice. I didn’t stick with it this weekend (I could blame it on having guest but that really had nothing to do with it). I missed it, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s practice.

Several months ago I started writing Morning Pages – a type of journaling – and discovered that writing three pages of whatever is on my mind just before meditating really helps quiet my mind and prepare myself for the cushion. When I moved into the new house I got out of the morning pages routine and I miss that too. So this week’s goal is to get out of bed when my alarm goes off at 4:30 and practice a morning routine that includes 30 minutes of journaling and 30 minutes of meditation.

Typically before going on a diet I spend the week before the diet eating everything I know I won’t be allowed to eat…as if it will no longer exist on planet earth, once the diet is over. I eat with the intention to eat what I consider is bad for me – because tomorrow I’m going to be good. But I didn’t do that this time. Yes I indulged in chocolate cake, mac-n-cheese, and even red wine. IMG_1013Today I had blueberry pancakes and homemade chocolate ice cream (no wonder I’m ready for something green!). But I didn’t do it with the intention of being bad today so tomorrow I can be good. I just gave myself permission to have whatever I wanted and those are the items I chose. I really want to make something clear; I am not going on a diet!

I have lost plenty of weight in my life. And I have always found it! Diets don’t work for me. I know that if I want to create a healthy life for myself, I have to live a healthy life. And that (to me) just means creating new habits, routines, beliefs, and behaviors. It’s not about denying myself anything and it’s everything about a life filled with healthy abundance – an abundance of good food, good friends, and good times. There is no room for a lack mentality or denial mentality in the life I am choosing to create!

I stopped by Breathe Bookstore Cafe this afternoon and purchased tomorrow’s breakfast (vegan spinach pie) and lunch (chick pea double with green chutney). I also have some Garden of Life chocolate covered greens bars to keep in the office. I’m in the land of sugar addiction and for now, those bars are my crutch. They are my safety net until I feel I’m well grounded in the groove of my new routine.

IMG_1010I walked over to Breathe a couple of times this week. I found that even in the heat and humidity, it’s not a bad walk. And thanks to my company this weekend, I tried a little different route and found another shaded path. Two miles isn’t a long walk. I have no idea how many steps that is. But for me, this week, it’s a milestone worth pursuing. Breathe is closed on July 4th so that will be a good day for me and Paz to do some exploring. And next Saturday I want to walk over to the Farmer’s Market that I’ve heard about – another opportunity for a two mile/round-trip walk.

Meditating, journaling, eating well, and walking. That’s my focus this week. I’m excited and I’m ready. Thank you for hanging out with me!

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