Raw Macaroons and Wasp Stings

Well, I obviously have some learning to do and that’s exactly why I brought the BLOG live a week before my summer journey. I wanted to share a picture of me in all my glory, standing in front of Breathe with a delightful lentil salad and and a raw macaroon that was divine! I thought I could type text around the picture (And I’m kind of sure that I can do that) but I couldn’t figure it out so I’ve created two posts. Anyway…

I was pleasantly surprised with a shout-out last night from my dear friend Eleanor who came over this afternoon to walk to dinner with me. It looked like the heavens were going to open at any moment so we decided to drive. Eleanor bought a delicious vegetarian mac-n-cheese and we shared our food and our love while we caught up with one another’s lives. I realized how lovely it is to have a dinner companion and I invite my friends to join me – especially if you are ready for a nice walk! Come any time…

Back to the picture…I have not wanted my picture taken for some time now. I know many of you can relate to that feeling, whether it’s a weight issue, bad hair, or just a bad feeling, having one’s picture taken can trigger a lot of emotions, judgments, and often times, negative self-talk. Not only am I feeling fat, I’m also letting my hair grow out as I shift to a different, longer style. So to say honestly, I am not feeling pretty. Okay listen… I know I am a beautiful creation of the Divine. I said, “I am not FEELING PRETTY,” and there’s a difference.

I decided going into this thing that I will acknowledge and embrace any feelings that come up for me during this process/journey.  When I asked Eleanor to take my picture, I felt a moment’s hesitation and heard a very faint voice in the background saying, “but you are so fat, the picture will be awful!”  I felt both feet on the ground and drew strength from the earth. I  surrendered to the experience of knowing that on this day, ON THIS DAY, I am being kind and loving to my self. I am taking action to improve my personal self-care. I am moving forward! I posed for that picture to say to myself, “Here I am! I’m ready! Let’s go!”

Yes, I clearly intend to release unwanted fat. But most importantly, truly, I intend to live my life on purpose.  And next week I’ll go deeper into what that really means.

On a side note, when we got home I opened the gate and walked smack into a wasp – or did he fly smack into me? I guess you could say it was a perfect storm! While I would love to report that I was very calm and just excused myself to said wasp, that is not the case. Nope, I panicked…tried to push him out of the way and of course, got stung! Really I think he side-swiped me with his stinger. It hurt but luckily Eleanor was there to quickly Google wasp stings. She looked to make sure the stinger was gone and told me to put ice on it. Upon further research, I found that apple cider vinegar neutralizes the wasp’s venom. I poured it over the sting and got instant relief. I feel it now but it’s not too bad.

It’s supposed to be hot this week – and humid – so it’s good “training” for what’s to come. I’m feeling so on track and READY to go, that even a wasp sting, high temperatures, humidity, and the threat of rain is not so bad… I’m excited!

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6 Responses to Raw Macaroons and Wasp Stings

  1. To see the picture, look under RECENT POST and click on Easing into the Journey. I’ll figure this out soon, I promise!

  2. Carol says:

    What a beautiful picture of you, you look so very, inwardly and outwardly, HAPPY!
    Let the journey begin (continue)!!!

  3. Carol says:

    Okay girl, (I’m watching you!) it’s going to be humid all summer, hide those keys! Hike and sweat! Move! It’s the daily practice, it all adds up, and sweating is a good daily detox for the largest organ of your body- your skin. It took me years to get this, the secret to losing weight (though I know that’s not your only mission this summer), is: EAT LESS and MOVE MORE. 🙂 Walk no matter what! Love You xoxo

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! I know you are right. Fortunately I really love the walk. I was disappointed today but know I’m not well. I won’t walk no matter what but I will definitely walk even when I just don’t want to! Love you back! Xoxo

  5. I thought you were commenting on today’s post 🙂 because I’ve been sick and when I tried to walk I got nauseous. Just WANTING to walk was pretty good for me! Hopefully tomorrow i’ll be we’ll and ready to MOVE! xoxo

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