This is it!

I’ve been thinking about this for a loooong time! Lately I’ve been talking about it, and today I am DOING IT!

Honestly I have a lot to learn about the technical side of blogging so please bare with me as I experiment and self-learn through trial and error. Honestly, that’s how I’ve learned most things in my life so why should this be an exception?

You’ll see a few pages (if I did it right) on my home page. About me is short and sweet. About this blog shares some background and the purpose for my blog, along with why I’m starting it now. And What is a Spiritual Gadabout offers deeper insight as to who I am and how I think.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to go forward and who has taken the time to read the aforementioned pages to make sure my thoughts were flowing as smoothly on paper as they were in my head. I hope you enjoy following my three month journey. Sign up this week – The real fun starts Monday, 01 July 2013!

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2 Responses to This is it!

  1. Marcia says:

    Love your blog, Kate! I just don’t know how you find the time to do it,(and the activities that go into it) hold down a very responsible job, be a wonderful parent to Paz, etc. But…you go, girl! love you.

    • Thank you so much Marcia! When I planned the blog I thought I would post every day but it really takes a lot of thought, time, and energy. But I think some days I write enough for two days! Thank you so much for your love and encouragement! Love you!

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